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After forsaken, another Indian CS:GO player has been caught cheating at the ESL Starter Cup

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  Months after the Indian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player, Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat, was caught cheating in a tournament and subsequently banned for his actions, another Indian player has been banned for cheating in the ESL India Starter Cup.

  The player in question is known only as “Asuragod,” since his real identity has yet to be revealed, and plays under the team ‘Placeholder 2.0.’ Asuragod and his team raised many eyebrows since they came out of nowhere to compete at a high level without most teams having any prior knowledge of them.

  Suspicions that Asuragod had been using cheats were deepened after a video of him playing against 2ez Academy, the academy team of the current ESL India champions 2ez, surfaced and showed telltale signs of his usage of cheats.

  In that game, Asuragod and his team were on the verge of losing a map after being down 12-15. However, they would go on to win that match 19-17 with Asuragod’s gameplay perspective showing he was evidently using cheats to help his team mount a comeback.

  After the incident, a one-year ban for cheating was imposed on Asuragod, as indicated on his player profile page on

  His user profile on Steam has also been changed as well, with his name now shown as ‘im so sorry’ and his location now being in the US Virgin Islands.

  The fact that Asuragod was found to have cheated in a match against 2ez Academy adds another layer of intrigue to the incident. After forsaken’s team, Optic India, had their ESL India Premiership championship stripped away, it was the main 2ez team that took the title from them after besting Slaughter Rage Army 2-0 in the title match.

  Both Asuragod and Placeholder 2.0 have yet to issue public statements on the incident.

  This incident has dealt another heavy blow to the Indian CS:GO scene still reeling from the forsaken fiasco back in October last year.